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Merso the Finnedyr by Alavar-Randomity Merso the Finnedyr by Alavar-Randomity
:iconfinnedyr-fans: I saw this group and couldn't help making one as well. Shut up, I know what I'm doing

Currently, I'm not role-playing, but once my life straightens out and becomes more stable, then I'll go ahead and rp with this guy.

...oh yeah, his information.


Name: Merso

Age: Adult (Possibly around 29-32)

Collects: Feathers and pieces of dried coral that's found on the shorelines.

Pendant: Coral

Personality: Serious / Proud / Reckless / Easily Amused (Conditional) / Sometimes Father-like

Habitat: Mount Freeze / Cold River

Favorite Food: Lobster, Mussels, and Scallops

Merso was born into quite a large family full of hunters that enjoy nothing more than getting food for everybody. As he grew, he heard stories from his grandfather about the amazing hunts he has been on. Quite a few of the stories included fighting a large whale, wrestling with a polar bear, and getting the chance to soar on the back of a large eagle. These stories inspired Merso to want to become a hunter even more. It was also thanks to his grandfather that he was more than respectful to his elders. When the death of his grandfather came around, Merso was given the tuff of feathers his grandfather once wore when he went out to go hunting and from then on, Merso proudly wears it wherever he goes.

One evening, he was swimming through the ocean and even though he's familiar with it's treacherous currents, he somehow found the rarest moment in his life; the ocean was extremely calm. He didn't want to disturb the calmness of the water, so he got himself on top of some coral and started watching the sunset. It wasn't until night fell that he saw the most beautiful sight in his life; the water reflected off the stars in the sky and it was at that moment that Merso felt completely blown away. Since then, he loved the night time.

Now he's at his prime age of adulthood and he's more than capable to fend for himself. Hunting is his life and he enjoys it to the fullest.

- Diving from very high places.
- Attempting to open Mussels and Scallops with his teeth. Quite the workout for his jaw.
- Playing in snowy places.
- Exploring the world.
- Getting respect from the younger Finnedyr.
- Being acknowledged by the older Finnedyr.
- Coral. They make good back scratchers.
- Hunting.
- Night time.
- Lemons/Limes.

- Slipping and sliding on thin ice.
- Getting buried in snow or leaves.
- Extremely hot days. The sun melts the snow. :c
- Mushrooms.
- Getting critiqued/criticized by the younger Finnedyr.
- Being made fun of by the younger Finnedyr because of his age.
- Coral. It sometimes pokes at his fin and makes it feel like it'll rip off easily.
- Weird smells coming from the mainland.

Merso's Design (Notes):
The inspiration for Merso's design were some tribal tattoos that caught my interest for quite some time. I decided to implement it onto Merso to give off the feeling/interpretation of someone strong. Honestly, I don't think I was able to pull it off. lol ;;

Finnedyr belong to :icongriffsnuff:
Merso belongs to me
inkrawr Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Aw his design is gorgeous! and I love his story :3
Alavar-Randomity Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Baw ;u;

Merso says thank you
inkrawr Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Aw :')
Merso is very welcome!
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